Unmanned Aerial Systems

4Rotor Filming utilizes Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to perform industrial inspections, aerial photography and media production.
4Rotor Filming is insured and has the FAA certification to operate commercially through the section 333 exemption and the new rule part 107.
Our pilots are highly trained with hundreds of hours of flight time in UAS operations and manned aircrafts.



4Rotor Filming is thermographic certified with airborne radiometric FLIR cameras. Providing thermal inspections of solar panels, substations, flat roofs and more.

Industrial inspection

We have the ability to gather very high resolution photographs and video for visual inspection of transmission lines, structures, substations, cell towers, Hydro dams, wind turbines…
Its endless what is capable.

Media Production

Performing complicated and technical shots utilizing electronically stabilized cameras both on the ground and in the sky, capturing exactly what the shot requires.

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Now hiring experienced pilots

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4 years of leading the charge in sUAS integration into the US has given us the experience we need to succeed. Providing a slew of services has broadened our talents and skills. We are based out of Ellsworth Maine and work all over the country. If you want to learn more about us please feel free to call or email,
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